Disclosure: I originally wrote a post about starting 7 startups in 70 days and got seriously off-track due to a whole lot of life happening during and after its inception. Combine that with trying to do too much at once and it didn't go as planned. This post is here to outline, what I believe to be, a more sound plan and effort to track and tell the story of the variety of projects that I have been and will be working on. Interested? Sign up to my email list and follow along.

Why am I doing this?

To build, launch and test ideas faster while documenting it along the way.


Many of the projects I have been working on and will be working differ greatly. Why? Because I like different things and have different ideas that fit into different categories and niches. Some projects will solely have physical products as their main offering, others will be entirely digital products and or services, and a few will have offerings in both areas. However, all of the projects/startups/sites/businesses/whatever you want label them, will have an online presence.

Skills and knowledge wise, I'm well versed in some areas, mediocre in others, and the ones that need work on I'll just have to Google my way through.

The plan here is to feature and link to individual blog posts covering the projects/startups below. There may be more changes and updates to this specific post as time moves along, but for right now I'll keep it simple.


What do I expect from me? To build more, build faster, make some meaningful revenue and tell some stories along the way.

What should You expect from me? To uphold my end of the bargain to you to ship faster and document things as they progress to satisfy your personal curiosity, interest, scrutiny, and intellectual entertainment.

Side note: If you have any suggestions, feedback, or things you want to know more about, let me know.

Side note II: If you're wondering what's with the name StartingUpLife; it's a play on words to encapsulate startups, building startups, building businesses, life, and I just like the name and was able to buy the domain. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

🚀 Project Log 🚀


"A simple list of who and what is owned by FAANG"

This was a fun and interesting little site/side-project that I had to get out of my head. Built with Carrd and a simple Typeform for update request submissions.