This is the final post of The Making of SnowplowFinder. It will be short and concise to encapsulate where it finds itself today. I may come to revisit it at a later point in time to do an evaluation type post. Click here for my previous post, The Making of SnowplowFinder - Part 2.

SnowplowFinder is live. Thankfully. And honestly, it shouldn’t have taken this long. That’s slightly painful to admit, but it is what it is. Since my previous writing on the project, I completed all of my todos, but find myself with a few left. Having more todos is inevitable though, considering that no project is ever finished. No product is ever complete. Nothing is ever perfect.

The site is up and running and ready for searched and to take listing submissions. I have a couple of bugs that I’m aware of, but I know in all reality that they probably (hopefully) won’t get found just yet and I’ll be able to fix them up over the course of today.

Now the real work begins. Sales. The site has been built and functions as I intended. I can and may add more functionality to it down the line if traffic increases along with the registered user base. For now though, I, along with the help of my oh so generous girlfriend who has worked in sales, will be doing things that don’t scale (aka the Paul Graham). Cold calling, emailing, and potentially some social reach out will be our method to help jumpstart things on the service provider end. On the consumer end, I’ll be sure the site is good with SEO and then do a bit of spaghetti throwing testing. Growing, or attempting to grow, SnowplowFinder to some meaningful revenue will be an exciting experience. I’m sure with it will come many lessons and takeaways to use in the future.

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