I was recently thinking about how much our environment can have an impact on us and what we can do to control it. There are now more than a few great books (Atomic Habits, Deep Work, Peak Performance, etc.) that emphasize a similar idea around controlling your environment to foster your desired positive outcome.

If you want to foster positive habits and work at a deeper level, you need to do what you can to control your environment. Manipulating your environment can be as simple as de-cluttering the area that you're going to be working in and around for the next few hours. Having fewer items scattered around you decreases the likelihood that something will be a trigger for distraction from what you should be doing.

Sound. Or, better yet, noise, is something in your environment that you need to figure out how you will approach. Do you prefer to work in a busy cafe and find that all the noise becomes productive-inducing white noise after about ten minutes? Or, do you prefer to listen to specific music on repeat with the aid of noise-canceling headphones? Either way, if you want a more productive environment, you have to figure out what works best for you and cuts out those distractions.

Last, but not least; Rest. Arguably the most important and underrated thing to do. When we rest, we need an environment designed for rest. It may be tempting to have a TV in your bedroom, but have you ever noticed how quickly you fall asleep without watching TV? The temperature of the environment where we sleep can also have dramatic consequences. Too cold and you'll shiver and not sleep well. Too hot and you'll get sweaty. If you get the temperature right with the proper amount of coolness to trigger our natural sleep response, then you'll sleep better.

Our environments are split between those of our choosing and not. Regardless of where we are or what we have to do, there are usually one or two things we can do to control our environment and make it a little bit better.