I know… "Another productivity article about morning routines.” Well yes, but I won’t be preaching to you how I think you should start your morning or what works best for you to get going with your day. I’ll give you some insight into what I do and what I find currently works best for me at this point with the hopes that it may help you out in one way or another.

Full disclosure: This post is being written in 30 minutes (hopefully). Edits and everything. I’m pressed for time trying to ship a project, but want to stick to my daily posting goal.

For reference, I typically will start my morning somewhere between 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM.

1. Wake up and take out the dog
Usually check:

  • Email (~30–90 seconds)
  • Product Hunt
  • Twitter
  • Telegram (Only to see what’s been going on in the WIP.chat group and to check my countdown before shippening)

2. Take my supplements

  • Athletic Greens
  • L-Theanine
  • Fish Oil
  • B12
  • Vitamin D
  • Some source of caffeine
  • Chocolate protein shake with whole milk

3. Meditation with Headspace (10–20 minutes)

4. Layout Goal of the day and Schedule

  • Ink&Volt Weekly Planner for overall goal/s and planning
  • Moleskine notebook for scheduling tasks in 30-minute blocks

5. Journal (Journey App on macOS)

6. Write (Blog post)

7. Review & Edit Trello for individual tasks that coincide with schedule (~10 Minutes)

There you have it. My current morning routine that helps me get a jump start on my day. The blogging part has become a new addition that I’m enjoying and still trying to flesh out. I’ll be delving into more technical articles and stories about my projects in posts to come. Thanks for reading!