Note: Project discontinued due to loss of interest in maintaining the project/concept and loss of originality with too many people attempting similar challenges.

Why am I doing this?

To build, launch, and test ideas faster, and solve a few problems along the way.


  1. Procrastination, which is most likely a fear of failure, perfectionist tendencies, and distraction.

  1. Not finishing and launching enough of my ideas as quickly as possible.

  1. Shelving some of these ideas because of the previous two problems listed above.

How do I solve these problems?

I have a few ideas on what I can do to solve these issues. First, I'm going to identify potential ways of counteracting my project procrastination and speed of launching problems. I already have a few ideas that are monetizable and have the potential for growth, but nothing built for them just yet. I'm looking to incorporate and test a mixture of structured "incentives" to achieve this.

Second, I'll be picking some ideas that don't fall into the, "help people that procrastinate on making and launching their ideas" area. I'll be choosing from a wide range of Startup ideas, most of which I already having sitting in a note in Notion and a board in Trello also a board in Notion, and will not be limited to any particular niche or industry.


My main goal is to build and launch 7 Startups in 70 Days, and I’m hoping that I can find a flow and somewhat lock down a structure that allows me to get MVPs built and out the door on time or early everytime. This of course could be derailed by a number of things; A “force majeure”, life, or the potential success (hopefully) of one of the projects that requires me to go all in and focus only on it.

In the event that I notice that I'll be unable to make one of my startup ideas as automated as I originally hoped, I’ll use manual processes where necessary to make sure that I get to launch and test the idea.

This is an evolving project and therefore an evolving blog post. Some sections of this post may be altered and updated throughout, but the main goal of launching 7 Startups in 70 Days will remain the same. If you scroll a little further down, you’ll notice a section title, "Startup Log". This is where I will post and list the startups that I’ve worked on and launched. Those listed startups will link to their own standalone posts that fully cover the details and feature the breakdown of the evolution of that startup.

All of these startups will be ”Open” Startups. What the hell is an "Open" Startup?

An Open Startup is a Startup that provides a publicly available and transparent record of the evolution of the Startup. This record will often include information on the origins of the Startup idea, its initial intended purpose, how it was built, and a continuously updating stream of user and financial metrics.

Eric Lima (Couldn’t find a definition I liked so I made one. 👀)

Why? Because frankly, it just makes sense. It helps keeps me accountable and keep things transparent. Baremetrics has been doing it and helping others at Baremetrics Open-Startups, Buffer has been a supporter of it for some time, and Pieter Levels has been notoriously open about the progression of his two main startups, Nomad List and remote OK.

Each project will have open revenue tracking and an ”inspiration” section. The ”inspiration” section will detail, who, what, why, where, etcetera, that inspired the idea and anything else to do with it. Building and launching openly not only seems to be the most effective method to add some pressure to cut the crap from my day and just ship meaningful progress, but it also has the added benefit of being its own marketing. These startups that I’ve set the goal of building are intended to make money and therefore need exposure and people willing to pay for them. This project and the documentation of the building of each startup will act as a history book for me and a series of stories within a larger story for those interested. Make sure to Subscribe to stay up to date when I post something new.


Before you say it, yes, this was influenced by Pieter Levels 12 Startups 12 Months. I liked the idea and wanted to try my own version of it with my own time-frame, tweaks, and additions. I can also say that the stories, ideas, accomplishments, and methods of John O'Nola, Marc Kohlbrugge, Jennifer Dewalt, and several others (see the References section below) played a large role as well.

The StartingUpLife Project is a personal experiment for me. What the end result will be, I have no idea. What I do know is that regardless of the outcome, I'll be better off, in ways to be realized, than I was prior to starting it.

Marc Kohlbrugge's has been the best online community I've had the pleasure of finding. If you haven't checked it out yet, get on that.

I am calling these projects of mine that I'll be doing Startups because they're meant to make money and grow quickly (hopefully). And, if a company making a machine that squeezes a juice packet can be called a Startup than I think I'm well within my bounds. If you don't know what I'm talking about, click here ➡️ Juicero.

🚀 Startup Log 🚀

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