Have you ever found yourself procrastinating on work or waiting to get a project started because you weren’t motivated? I’m sure most of us have. Motivation, although fantastic, is not worth waiting for to start or finish anything. Instead of motivation, I would suggest starting your day with at least one thing that can be your small win.

Some of you may know what I mean by a small win, others, not so much. To clarify, a small win is something that doesn’t need a massive amount of effort or thought, but is something that you can do with relative ease and feel a sense of fulfillment. After all, we’re only human, so we best do what we can to positive manipulate our feelings to spur more of the good stuff and fight off the bad.

What are some examples of small wins? A small win could be as simple as waking up early if that’s something you’ve wanted to make a habit. It could be completing a regular morning workout before you get the rest of your day started. I’m going to have to pump the brakes on this section here to chime in on morning workouts. If you get yourself in the regular habit of getting enough sleep and waking up and immediately getting a workout completed, you will feel much better about you, your day, and be more alert for the rest of the day. Let’s continue. You could practice daily meditation and journaling. My point is, there are so many things you can do in the morning to impact your life, in the short and long-term, to get in your small win

Next time you find yourself sitting there and not feeling like working, or need a little pick me up, do something that will be a *small win* for you. You’ll realize that you can do amazing things without waiting for a random cracked-out surge of motivation.