(Details: Inspiration to do this page comes straight from Derek Sivers. If you have your own site, you should make one, too.)

I also keep a daily log here ➡️ Log Book.


Currently reading Thinking in Bets, To Sell is Human, Think & Grow Rich, & Siddhartha.


Getting a couple of posts wrapped up. Also, laying out some new daily logs that I have to figure out how I'll set up and link to.

Listening To:

Podcasts ➡️ Joe Rogan, IndieHackers, DarkNet Diaries, Your Mom's House, Drinkin' Bros, MoneyLab and a few others. Some audiobooks, which I'm finding are very good for consuming some books in a more condensed time frame that would otherwise consume massive amounts of time reading them and being unable to do anything else. The audiobooks are usually played when handling menial tasks around the house that I do on auto-pilot.

Music-wise ➡️ Going the Distance from Rocky, deadmau5's alone with you, and Make it Bun Dem by Damien Marley and Skrillex.

Projects/Startups/Work (Building):

  • Makernews.io
    • Nearly ready to go. Some fixes were delayed, but invites should be going out tomorrow morning.
  • Ritwalee
    • Check back soon.
  • FoundersJournal.io
    • Check back soon.
  • IWantYourEmailAddress.com
    • An experiment of sorts to grow my own email list. I recently thought of a way to monetize this experiment (which wasn't part of my initial idea), so I'll have to see whether or not I'll implement it and if any of it will work.
  • WorkFuckingHarderClothing
    • This one I think is pretty descriptive. Basically making and selling some simple merch that I want and think some others might want too.
  • GoodMakerMorning
    • A weekday morning podcast hopefully coming very soon!
  • StartupDeals.io
    • Check back soon.
  • StartupBooks.io
    • Check back soon.

Projects/Startups/Work (Launched):

  • Castle Hill Leather Co.
    • Up and running. Working on post scheduling to offload the need to actively be posting on semi-regular intervals.


Switching over to a few weeks of 3X3 and then back to the 5X5 split.

This update was January 13, 2019.