What I'm doing now

What am I doing right now?

(As of 07/23)
I am home in Rhode Island, USA.


Right now. Literally right now (07/23/18 @ 1342 EST) I'm going through my stack of PostIt note ToDos and trying to knock them out. I have a launch, or two, I need to get things in line for... And... Just a lot to do. More updates on the way and I'll try and set this up in some sort of predictable fashion so it's easier to view/review in the future.

*Note: What you read below is still relevant so I'm leaving it in.

I got this great idea to do a "now" page from the one and only, Derek Sivers. I finished reading his book, "Anything you want", for the second time the other day and ended up parusing his now page.

I personally need to update this page with everything relevant about what's going on with me and what I'm up to. In the meantime, you should definitely go checkout a little project that I'm starting/working on that needs some updating (and will be getting it very soon!) that I've dubbed StartingUpLife.

Thanks for stopping on by!


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