The Idea Behind MakerNews

The idea behind came from my personal reading and discovery experience on Hacker News and watching almost every well-intentioned post devolve into a semi-hate fest of keyboard warrior battles when it was just someone wanting to share something they liked or had made.

Cases in point:

I could keep searching, finding, and adding to the above examples, but I'm pretty sure that our Sun will have died by then.

My original hope was to create a place that was more focused on the Maker community with a whole lot less of the angry enterprise worker debates.

When I first started on I admittedly got a little ahead of myself in what I thought it could be. I set it up with public and private categories with the private area and Discord chat only being available via subscription, and basically overthought the thing. Then life happened as it does in unexpected ways so got put on the back burner. The reality of that is I should've just cut away the extra nonsense and pushed it out.

After doing work on a few other projects I bumped back into the project folder and decided to cut away everything extra that didn't need to be there, especially without even knowing what would come of it. I then came to the conclusion that I should just make the entire thing free and simple and forum only. I still do want to monetize it, but only if traction occurs and most likely only through 1-3 fairly unobtrusive native ads. That's the plan if it works though.

Getting something like to get a foothold is difficult. In theory it sounds great, and if it does gain some momentum then I do believe it'll overall be a positive for everyone involved. The problem here is getting people to actually signup voluntarily, contribute, and share bit-by-bit to get the ball rolling. Hacker News had its built growth and traction engine when it came to be considering its Y-Combinator origins and Paul Graham fame.

What My Plans Are: was posted today on Product Hunt. Yes, I know it's a Monday and it doesn't bode well as the World-changing-optimal-statistical-launch-day, but frankly, I just wanted to get the thing out there and see what it does (plus I have a lot of other work to do elsewhere).

Essentially, will be a pure experiment that I'm going to monitor and see what traction it does or does not get, and then take it from there. If you haven't checked it out yet, you can go here to see it on Product Hunt.

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