I’ve been trying to get myself into the habit of writing regularly, never mind daily, for some time now with varying degrees of success. I often found myself plagued by indecision on what I should write, what may sound good, and on and on. All that thinking caused me to write infrequently. Then comes along Owen Williams aka @OW on Twitter. I’m not sure exactly what day I started seeing mentions of his new project, WriteTogether.Space, but I know I signed up on January 5th (I think…) and began writing and posting on it January 6th. Since then I’ve been writing daily. I have to pump the brakes here for a second so you have a clue what WriteTogether is:

Write Together is a community of writers committing to writing 300 words a day for a year, supporting each other along the way. Join more than 122 people writing together, supporting each other along the way!

So basically, it’s a community of people who want to write more often and challenge themselves to write daily and write at least 300 words each day. It’s a fantastic idea and I’m more than happy to support a product by a maker who’s created something that is providing a meaningful level of value.

What I’ve found since I joined WriteTogether is that it’s coupled my long-standing desire to build a writing habit with my desire to build upon and not lose my streak. Those may sound like simplistic desires, but I view them as being far more important to my personal goals and overall development.

Building a writing habit is not always easy. Most people have to meander around their minds until they carve some sort of groove into their brains that sets them up to transform thoughts into words. WriteTogether is proving itself to be a simplistic yet impactful tool in helping to develop and guide the formation of neural pathways that simplify the act of getting started and writing.

So what are my final thoughts on WriteTogether.Space? I’m happy that I found such a community/tool combo. I know that by writing daily I am practicing daily. And what happens when you practice something everyday? Well, you get better, that’s what happens. Things, in this case writing, are easier to get started. Hesitation nearly disappears. You just start and get going. This is what I’ve needed for sometime and I’m excited to see where it takes me.