How to Cleanly Convert eBook PDFs & ePubs to Work on Your Kindle
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How to Cleanly Convert eBook PDFs & ePubs to Work on Your Kindle

How to Cleanly Convert eBook PDFs & ePubs to Work on Your Kindle

I really like reading and up until a few years ago I only bought physical books. Now I love having a physical book to read from, but sometimes the convenience, portability, and lower prices of eBooks just make more sense. Other times, you have no other choice but to read a book in its digital format because a physical book just doesn’t exist. For a while I would just use the Send to Kindle app for eBooks I purchased outside of Amazon and hope that they either they included a .mobi file or that the PDF or .epub version would work okay. Well, usually things didn’t work out for the way that I hoped for the PDF and .epub versions. I eventually locked down a process that has been working very well and finally making it possible to access those ebooks on my Kindle for a normal reading experience. Follow the simple instructions below to fix your Kindle conversion needs.

If you haven’t heard of Calibre go download it now. Calibre will be your savior in this conversion process. The site looks a little dated but it’s fine and you can go and download the app for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Once you download Calibre, just go about setting it up and following the usual on-screen prompts to get settled in. Next, open up the application and get started by clicking on Add Books.


Once you do this, simply find where you PDF or ePub file is located, select it, and then it’ll start processing it. Once completed, right click on the book that you just added and select Convert Books.


Then all you have to do is select what format to convert it into and let it do its thing. Once completed, use the Send to Kindle app and you’re all done. As a side note, I am aware that you can change the file extension on an ePub from .epub to .png and then upload it and Amazon will do some sort of conversion. However, I haven’t attempted that way in quite a while and prefer to use the previously stated method so that I can retain a converted file in the .mobi format.

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