Brief background/issues

I love technology and especially high resolution large external monitors. Every time I see one the possibilities start swirling in my head and I’m drawn to them. I actually have a great 32 inch Asus 4K monitor that’s fantastic to use. The only problem? I work on my 2014 MacBook Pro 98% of the time. Each and every time I would use it with that monitor and try and to open an application like Photoshop, Illustrator or a few others, my MBP fans sounded like they were going to launch that hunk of aluminum across the room. Not don’t get me wrong, it worked quite well with a large number of other applications, but the fans would still go nuts sometimes and there would be the occasional lag issue.


I stopped using the monitor (for now) and went back to the open laptop sitting on one of those aluminum rain design mstands. That’s when I realized I was more focused and as a result more productive when I was only doing work on a 15 inch screen. Now I’m not saying that I wouldn’t like a bit of a larger screen now and again, but considering I haven’t invested in a new MBP yet, haven’t experienced the same graphics related issues, and I’ve noticed increased focus; I’m good for now. Once I made the switch it was clear that by not having so much screen real-estate available for so many open windows, I had to focus on one window at a time. When I want to switch to different applications I use keyboard shortcuts and digital desktop switching.


I’m going to keep using only the laptop stand and external peripheral setup for now. That will probably only change when I do invest in a new MBP along with external GPU. As for the fate of my 32 inch monitor… I’ll figure that out when the time comes, but I have the thought that I’ll end up selling it off and replacing it with a 27 inch. At five inches smaller (and hopefully it’s a new Apple somethingK display) it should provide the extra screen space to make the use of some apps more effective while not being too large to fully open a single one for full focus.