This is a completely off-the-cuff post. Like most mornings since I decided to start writing more often, I took a peek at my post topics list which contains a myriad of topics I want to cover. Some are to be in depth in a technical way (since I am making different projects online and learning along the way) and some are to be in depth in a life-analyzing type of way. Others… Other topics are meant to be listicles laying out tools I use and be simple short blurbs that can be temporarily interesting and insightful. This morning, I chose one of those listicle type topics, and after two sentences I thought it was shit and felt like I was writing crap. So this unplanned post seemed the best route.

See, I want to write and post every day, actually, I want to get to two times each day, but it comes with a learning curve. Experiencing that learning curve while wanting to get to producing better content, not just filler content, is where I’m at. I’ve noticed and acknowledged to myself that when I’m pressed for time and apparently didn’t allow myself enough time to write in the morning, then I go for something that seems quick to write about. That’s not necessarily what I should be doing.

I believe that writing processes need to be developed and modified when necessary. I’ve never been a fan of crappy content, and I’m guessing you haven’t either. I get tremendous satisfaction from writing honest and insightful pieces about nearly anything. So maybe this little hiccup in my pursuit of a daily writing practice that delivers something of value is just what was needed. My writing process needs modification. It needs an If Then statement. If I’m pressed for time, then I must find a topic and a way to write something of value and not compromise on that.

Writing, let alone life, is a never-ending project. A never-ending series of process developments, modifications, and surmounting an infinite number of obstacles. The only thing that seems to matter really is that you don’t stop. You just keep moving forward.

Thanks for stopping by and getting a dose of my 8:45 AM brain dump! If you’ve been writing recently, how do you choose what to write when you’re pressed for time?