"Everything you want is on the other side of fear." - Jack Canfield

"Don’t be afraid to be judged. When you become afraid to be judged, you become afraid to live." - David Goggins

We all want something from life. What each of us wants will vary. This often depends on our family, friends, experiences, and many variables. To get what it is that we want, we have to work and overcome obstacles along the way.

When we hesitate to take the next step in the process to get what we want, what we’re actually experiencing is fear. See the thing is, us humans are hard-wired to fear and avoid it as best we can. Why? Because way back before we could order four farms worth of food from our phones and have it delivered in an under two hours, we had to avoid getting mauled by wild animals lurking in bushes. The people that survived learned really quickly that it was better to avoid that rustling bush than to ignore it and potentially become dinner. Seeing that we still experience a fear response, even though most of us will never encounter such a situation, we now have to consciously overwrite the instinctive impulse to stop when we encounter an unknown situation.

Moral of this brief-double-quote-inspired-brain-history-evolution-lesson? In our modern environments with our modern goals and modern work, we have to push past our hesitation/fear response to the possibility of judgment and failure and keep moving forward. The one exception is if you actually do find yourself in a legitimate life-threatening situation; if that’s the case listen to that little tick inside your head trying to stop the whole dying thing from happening.

The End.