Writing. It’s something that most of us have to do on a daily basis, whether it be for work, fun, or simple communication. Most people, whether they realize or not, develop processes for everything they do, especially writing. My desire to write regularly and efficiently has lead me to focus on honing in my writing process and the tools that I use to do so. Previously, I discussed the issues that I was facing along with some of what I thought were “Todos” that needed to be completed. I also laid out what writing process was at the time. (You can see that first post here)

In this part 2 of my Developing A Writing Process series, I’ll layout:

  • What I’ve done since my previous post
  • What I’m currently doing and how it’s working out for me
  • A new writing tool that I’m implementing into my morning routine
  • How I’m applying pressure to keep my writing honest

What I’ve done since my previous post

  • I decided on where to collect my writing topic ideas and initial thoughts when I don’t have the time or don’t want to write about them right away. The Bear writer app
  • I somewhat figured out the writing format/layout that I want to use for different types of writing, based on the topic and depth. But, it’s not where I want it to be yet, so it needs a little refinement. More to come in the final post of this series on that.
  • I have not yet setup my publications on Medium
  • I have found that early in the morning, right after I finish the initial parts of my daily routine, is typically the best time for me to write about anything. It usually helps for me to have my noise-canceling headphones on with the Tron soundtrack playing on repeat too.
  • Have not become consistent enough and disciplined enough to have reached my goal of posting twice daily

Current Writing Process (Updated)

* I still either start writing immediately about some idea that I just had or I begin on one from my topics list * I now solely use iA Writer to start writing all my initial content and save it to iCloud * All content is then still transferred over to Grammarly, edited, and sent over to Medium. * Once in Medium, the content is styled and then a seemingly fitting picture is selected and uploaded from my Pexels macOS app * Medium post is published (with tags applied) and still sent to Twitter via Medium and pushed to my public FB using IFTTT * Medium post content gets copied over to Ghost, adjust, photo re-added, tags applied, and published.

New Daily Writing Tool

I have had trouble for nearly a year or more finding a tool (app or notebook) that I liked and wanted to use for daily morning journaling. I finally found one, and it’s fantastic and has been just what I’ve been looking for; It’s called *[Journey by 2appstudio.com](https://2appstudio.com/journey/)*. It’s now my central repository for my daily journaling and has been extremely pleasant to use and helped me happily stay consistent with my daily journaling.


How I’m Applying Pressure To My Writing

I’ve started using my TimeTimer again to have a physical and very visual countdown of how much time remains of a countdown that I’ve set myself. I also posted how much time I had to complete this and a checklist this morning to Twitter when I started writing to help with staying accountable. That’s a whole idea itself…

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