Writing regularly and posting on medium and my personal site, ericlima.com, is something I've been trying to get started doing. It's been somewhat of a slowish start, but I'm happy to say that I think I'm finding a little bit of rhythm developing. See, I have this thing of not liking to arbitrarily trying to do something each time by just winging it if I can figure out an efficient process that works for me. With writing regularly, and hopefully, one to two times daily as I'd like to get to, I will need to lock down that process for sanity and time sake. With that being said, I'll list the current issues/todos that need to be worked out along with what I'm currently finding is working best for me.


- Figuring out one central location to collect my writing topic ideas and initial thoughts. *(They're currently in three different locations: Medium drafts, an Evernote notebook, and a tagged note in Bear App)*
  • Figure out the format I should create for templates based on what type of post I want to write.

  • Take the time to setup the publications that I’ve been wanting to get up on Medium.

  • What time of the day works best for me to write

  • Figure out the best method to consistently post two times each day while maximizing my time so as not to overtake my other work

Current Writing Process

  • Either I have an idea for something that I’d like to write and I start writing immediately, or I go and review the different writing topics and ideas that I had and take one of those.

  • I then start writing in iA writer

  • Once the content is written, it gets moved over to Grammarly, and a quick edit is completed.

  • That content is then moved over to Medium and the styling is adjusted

  • A publicly available photo is then often chosen from either Unsplash or Pexels.

  • That post is then published after having relevant tags added to it and pushed out to Twitter. (IFTTT automates pushing the post out to my public facing Facebook page)

  • The post on Medium is then transferred over to my personal site, which uses the ghost CMS (I signed up for their self-hosted version for simplicity, ease of setup, and I like supporting what they’re doing)

  • The styling of the content is then modified slightly to fit the setup of ghost, and the same photo is uploaded.

  • The post is then published.

That was a quick breakdown of how I am and would like to develop my writing process. I’m doing it as a part one since I find that the topic for me is going to need a little more time and will have a middle stage that’s far more refined followed by Part 3 of this, which will provide the outcome of developing my writing process.

*Note: I originally started writing this in Grammarly and something glitched out, and I lost half of what I was writing. I quickly adapted my writing process to begin with iA writer since I’ve never had an issue and I love the minimalist interface.

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